Nokia: From Dominant Player to One of the Many

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With the steady erosion of its market share over the past decade and a half, Nokia finds itself in a particularly unfavorable position. As the dominant phone maker of the the previous decade, it now possesses only 25% percent of the market (its lowest since 1997). As a way to reverse it’s fortunes, the Finnish giant is re-addressing its marketing focus. Rather than rely on traditional forms of marketing, Nokia has allocated more of its marketing budget to social and digital media.

Nokia feels as though this emphasis and push through new marketing channels will invigorate its position. Nokia feels as though marketing through social media will allow it to revitalize its image amongst youthful customers. One of the stated goals of this campaign is to get consumers to say, “wow, I can’t believe that’s Nokia.” As a brand that has slipped from consumers minds as something ‘cool’, we’ll see if Nokia’s new focus is successful.

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  1. Interesting post, Bolaji! I remember my first cell phone was a Nokia and everyone had a Nokia. Now I don’t know anyone who has one – definitely a fad of the past.

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