Marketing Ramifications of the NBA lockout

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It’s fall, so that usually signals the beginning of basketball season. However, the current labor dispute between the players and owners has much larger ramifications for many parties. Fans, parking attendants, servers in surrounding restaurants, and many more have all been affected by the lack of the NBA season so far.

Another group that is increasingly worried about the lockout are sports marketers. Marketers worry that without the visual medium of the NBA, athletes will not be able to market their shoes to their many fans. Analysts have estimated that a loss of the entire 2011-2012 season could result in a potential $500 million dollar loss, or about 25% of the basketball shoe market.

The attached article goes into further depth, and shows that the ongoing debate between the two sides has many interested parties hoping for a speedy resolution.

– Bolaji and Colin

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  1. Given the constant struggle between two rich groups of people who argue about which of them will be even richer, the loss of the NBA season could be a good thing for sports marketers. Perhaps instead of focusing on athletes with inflated egos and goals of just being rich, they could focus more of their energy on college “teams” and the positive effects that can have.

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