Global Brands ineffective use of Social Media!

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It seems as though business owners at all levels understand the importance and pervasiveness of social media to marketing and business. However, according to a recent study close to 84% of executives admit that their brands are not “what they would deem as world class.” It seems as though there was a belief that amassing followers was simply the goal. While that may have been the case early on, these followers demand both content (both general and exclusive) and interaction. By not continually engaging their followers and rewarding their loyalty (following/liking), these companies are not maximizing their potential benefit from the social platform. The article goes into much more depth, but its interesting to see companies fail to exercise an element that they acknowledge as an important driver!

– Bolaji and Colin


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1 thought on “Global Brands ineffective use of Social Media!”

  1. Interesting article! As an ad account executive, I have a lot of clients who went wild over the thought of social media engagement about 3 years ago. It was tough to educate them that while social media for many brands is imperative, it takes a huge amount of commitment and investment to make it worthwhile. I think most of the 84% in this article who don’t feel their online presence is “world-class” are likely amongst those who jumped in without building a thought-out plan around initial tactics. Thanks for sharing!

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